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Products purchased in gallery and carried out by customer is fully responsible for any and all damage. However, if your product is damaged please call immediately and we will work with you in replacing new.

Orders Shipped: We offer a complete new and exact replacement if, and only if, you notify us immediately upon receiving your damaged order.  If package exterior is damaged please take photos before opening. We will pay freight cost for returning damaged merchandise and we will immediately upon notice send you another identical work 100% COMPLETELY FREE!

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Wayfarer Art deals only with PUBLIC DOMAIN ART & ROYALITY FREE PHOTOS! Therefore we never charge for art itself, as it is free to all the public. Bring in your own personal art or photos and we will charge you the same price we would charge from our library. We charge only (by size) for labor, materials, overhead and profit.

In addition we also sell comercially licensed Public Domain 'Art' files.
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Blowup the thumbnaill then right-click to Save Picture As to desk top.